City of Golden Shadow - Tad Williams

Dave has repeatedly urged me to read this book - or more correctly, this series of books (there are four) by Tad Williams.  I was at first overwhelmed by the length - without spoiling, Dave told me that if I read the first book I absolutely, positively had to read THE ENTIRE SERIES...that there was no point in assuming that I could just read the first book (and the first book alone is 790 pages). So this meant that I was committing to reading close to 4,000 pages.

Having just finished City of Golden Shadow (Otherland, #1), I now understand what he was trying to tell me - the four books in this series are really just one big story split into four parts - more so than any other series I have ever read.

However intimidating, I highly recommend the investment - a great cast of characters converge to fight against a secret cartel who create and run the most incredible virtual reality "simulation" ever created in order to achieve their own immortality.

On to book two...