This was my first CJ Tudor book although I know many have read The Chalkman.  I likely wouldn’t have picked The Other People up so quickly after it’s release January 23, 2020 if it weren’t for a book club I am participating in - you can find more here.


The story hooked me quickly with a frantic first scene where Gabe, driving home from work, thinks he sees his young daughter looking out of the rear window of the vehicle in front of him.  She mouths the word “daddy” and then disappears from view.  Gabe frantically tries to catch the vehicle but can’t so pulls into a rest stop to call home only to learn that his wife and daughter were found murdered in their house.


For those of you covering your eyes and yelling at me for spoiling, you can stop now.  This scene is the first one in the book and happens within the first few pages.  There are SOOO many more twists and surprising reveals to come!


I find it difficult to review thrillers without spoiling the twists so instead, I will list plot devices and other elements that I liked in this book.  If you like the same, you may like The Other People


  • Short chapters that end in such dramatic cliff hangers that you HAVE to keep reading
  • Secret societies
  • Vigilante justice
  • Strangers On A Train
  • Light paranormal that isn’t always fully explained
  • Multiple perspectives (this story has three)
  • Seemingly disconnected events that might not be as disconnected as they first appear
  • Creepy vibes


While this book has a few problematic elements, it’s a fast-paced, twisty read that I enjoyed very much.